MVP Foundation

The primary mission of the Foundation is to provide educational assistance for economically disadvantaged youth in the areas of hard science and business.

The Foundation also works to physically preserve the works and archives of Melvin Van Peebles, allowing worldwide access for education and research.

One of the world’s most celebrated talents, Melvin Van Peebles has had success as a writer, director, producer, actor, musician, and options trader among other things. He believes that he has been given the opportunity to win at the highest levels. And though his journey was not always easy, he believes it was successful due to his ability to think clearly, critically and quickly.

Though many worthwhile organizations are working to improve the quality of life in inner-city communities, with the rapid decline in governmental funding for inner-city programs it is vital for private individuals, especially those who have risen to acclaim, to join in this work. Through this foundation, Mr. Van Peebles is committed to improving the lives of and opportunities for disadvantaged youth of the African Diaspora.

The foundation offers scholarships and grants annually in any field of study but focuses on promoting excellence in the hard sciences and business. Melvin Van Peebles, the sole founder of the Melvin Van Peebles Foundation, will use all funds raised for this foundation for this educational purpose.

The foundation partners with corporations, other foundations, and individuals whose mission it is to support disadvantaged youth and will specifically target rising high school juniors and seniors and support them through their college careers. The Foundation also supports K-12 youths in Harlem throughout the year.

Recipients are chosen through a rigorous application process each year, and every student accepted is expected to participate in the recruitment and mentoring process for new students. Students are expected also participate in mentoring relationships both as mentors to younger scholarship recipients and through being mentored by established professionals in their field of study.

The foundation will also support the search for a permanent home for the archives of Melvin Van Peebles and oversee the preservation and cataloguing of this valuable resource as a guide, reference and monument to the history and success of black film.